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We have picked the best Angry Birds style games currently on the web for you and published them on this website. All of thes fun flash games are free of charge and a lot of fun. You will find a variety of cool, free online Angry Birds games here so you can develop your Angry Birds skills! Playing Angry Birds games online at is a lot of fun! The online flash games presented on our website come very close to the original Angry Birds game and adhere to the same game rules.

Angry Birds style games you can play at

Here at you can find all kinds of free online games featuring Angry Birds, as well as its clones. Our online Angry Birds game collection contains flash games such as Brave Kings, Angry Policemen, Evil Zombies, Goblins, Vikings, and even Ninja Dogs. In some of these flash games you get to be the villain, while in others you are fighting the villain. In the Evil Zombies flash game you get to play the villain attacking structure where people lives. In Angry Policeman you take the role of a policeman who is in pursuit of thieves and they end up hiding in some structures. In the Ninja Dogs game series you will take on the role of dogs that are playing against evil cats. A common theme of many Angry Birds cloned games is that you have to take down a castles or towers. In Castle Clout, Crush the Castle, Brave Kings and Thrower Goblins this is exactly what you have to do. All these online games are similiar in that you you have to use a shooting device to bring down a structure in the least amount of shots as possible, and will also fit into an artillery computer game genre. All our online flash games feature many levels so you should be able to have a lot of fun.

Information about Angry Birds and its game clones

Here is some general information about this cool online game, as well as its clones: Angry Birds is a kind of artillery computer game which was developed by a game development studio called Rovio Entertainment Ltd. in Finland. In December 2009, the game was released. The game Angry Birds is available for many different operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac) and device platforms (iPad, iPhone, various game consoles). However, there now are many clones of Angry Birds, which claim their game is identical, but are not using the original graphics but often do use the same storyline. In the original Angry Birds, you take control of a number of mad birds which want to take back their stolen eggs from nasty pigs. In each level, the goal is to shoot the Angry Birds, with the help of an ingenious bird-sling, at wood, stone or glass buildings in which the nasty pigs are hiding. For each object that has been completely destroyed points are awarded. The goal in each level is to eliminate all the nasty pigs. Have fun with the Angry Birds online games presented on our website!