Duck Dash Game

Duck Dash Game

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Let The Duck!!! jump or change direction. Do not fall off the path. A top-down perspective is not a popular choice. However, it looks well in this title. Discover new characters. Try to reach the checkpoint at each level. It's challenging and glues you to the screen for a couple of short sessions. There are 50 levels to complete. The adventure will send you to the next ones automatically. So, you won't have to click any buttons to continue. Have fun!

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How to Play Duck Dash Game

Use the Space or Left Mouse Button to play. You can also tap the screen on modern touch screen devices. Move across the road through a colorful corridor. Tap on the screen to make a turn. But it's harder than it sounds. If you click too early, the creature will bump into the wall. It means you lose. The online game doesn't give you a second chance. So, you can't start from exactly that point. Luckily, there is something to help you. The system of checkpoints respawns you to the closest spot to continue the session. Apart from walls, you'll meet other lethal obstacles. For example, a huge gap between the corridors. If you fail to jump over it, you die. Figure out the rest of the challenges yourself!

Duck Dash Game - Tips and Tricks

Your goal is to complete all rounds and collect gems. Once you accumulate enough of them, you get a chance to unlock other creatures. There are some cool animals in the store including a rabbit, red bird, beaver, and few more. Lead your character right in the middle to grab all gems. Otherwise, you'll go past them and won't earn anything.

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