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Animal Games 247

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Welcome to a website specializing in fun animal games for kids. Our online animal themed games feature an entire Zoo's worth of creatures, from frogs to monkeys to wolves. On our game website you get a chance to play with exotic animals and even accessorize your favorite pets in our huge variety of fun animal dress-up challenges. Choose from a variety of pet clothing and accessories by browsing and clicking your mouse. You can dress up your favorite animal in full costume or just add simple accessories such as a colorful hat. We have an online game collection which let's you house and take care of common pets such as cats and dogs. In our challenging but fun levels, you can grow, train, and raise your own pets. It's like having your very own kitty or puppy. In other challenges, you'll be using your keyboard to control characters in a variety of environments. Swim away from dangerous sharks in a virtual ocean or race hamsters on a round dirt track! You can even help sick pets as you play veterinarian. Or, play as a farmer and feed an entire farm of your very own animals. With our wide variety of animal puzzles and adventures, you can have countless hours of fun!

Why we need to take good care off our animals and pets

It is very important to take good care of our pets and animals. Animals are a huge part of our daily lives. They provide food and clothing. They offer us companionship. They have been used for transport, farming, and construction. They protect us from other animals and our environment. They provide assistance when we are disabled. They help ensure that food, medicines, and the environment are safe for both us and our animal companions. Think of a world with no animals other than humans, it would indeed be very stark. Animals also serve an important role in research. Without animal research, people and animals all over the world would suffer from a range of illnesses and conditions. Animal welfare affects everyone.

Why Kids have fun spending time with Animals

Ever wonder why children, even babies, are so drawn to animals? What lies behind kids' attraction to animals is really quite simple, researchers tell us. As young babies begin looking around their world, they are automatically attracted to things that move, are brightly colored, and are easy to see. They are fascinated by things that make interesting noises, are capable of interacting with them and are unpredictable in what they do and how they behave. In sharp contrast to even the most exciting mechanical toy, an animal moves itself around, behaves in unpredictable ways, and makes funny noises. What's more, many of the animals children see at close range have the added advantage of being soft and cuddly. All in all animals are simply cute and cuddly. They seem vulnerable, and kids want to take care of them and/or control them. Animals are a sort of proxy for kids in that kids are relatively powerless compared to adults whereas animals are relatively powerless compared to these little people.

Most animals love to play games

On our website you can play a lot of games with pets in them Girls and boys of all ages love to play these fun online games. Are you aware of that most animals love to play games? Some pets such as hamsters are very acrobatic. Horses, dogs and wolves can jump and run very good. In our magic animal world you get to go on fun adventures where you can swim as fish, fly with insects, work with ants or throw like a yeti. We have fun animal games for gamers of all ages. Especially for the younger visitors you'll find here for example Hello Kitty games and Doc McStuffins games. Take a look at these pets games and find your favorite animal game and play it over and over again. There must be one or more of these kids friendly animal games of you will enjoy!