Moon Waltz Game

Moon Waltz Game

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Moon Waltz is an adventure game created by Studio Seufz. Help our hero venture across the village to find a vending machine. Push away the clouds to transform into a waltzing werewolf bent on destruction. You must avoid the police at all times. Your midnight journey can end in several destructive ways. Play the game several times and make different decisions on each playthrough, that way you'll see all possible scenarios. Have fun!

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How to Play Moon Waltz Game

Push the clouds - Hold down LMB, Space bar or your finger on the screen. In Moon Waltz you take control over two innocent clouds in front of the boiling full moon. Your only power is to shove them away and reveal the moon's powers. See what stories and chaos might unfold as you follow an innocent fella stroll around Friendlyville. Reveal the moon responsibly tho. Studio Seufz ported the game with the help from porting master exploder Sarah Werum from Flash Actionscript 2 to HTML5, as the Flash Player's existence ended late 2020. The original game was created in 2013 by Marius Winter and Benedikt Hummel aka Major Bueno. Moon Waltz was originally a flash based game, but was later ported to html5, so it could be accessible to the modern Internet audience. The game is now equally playable on mobile as well as desktop browsers. Through this 2021 revamp, the clouds can be shoved away from the blastin' full moon once again- so play the game on POKI and see what fun and mayhem may unfold.

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