Crazy Monkey Game

Crazy Monkey Game

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Here you are thinking that there is yet another simple skill monkey jumping game in front of you. But this time you couldn't be more wrong. This is no ordinary monkey whatsoever. Our little monkey friend is anything but ordinary and hides many surprises up his sleeve so to speak. The Crazy Monkey is one of our most popular html5 games. Hold your finger on screen to make the stick grow. Stretch the stick in order to reach and walk on the platforms. Be careful not to make the stick too short or too long. Have fun!

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How to Play Crazy Monkey Game

Use your mouse to play the game or tap on the screen. Hold your finger on screen to make the stick grow. It may take you some time to master the stick of this free online game, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes increasingly more fun game to play.

Many Crazy Monkey Facts for Kids

According to Science Kids and there are many fun monkey facts for kids. Did you know that the booming sound of monkeys can be heard at a distance of about 1 mile? Monkeys live all over the world and come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Most monkeys live in trees, and are agile at running and leaping through the forests, many feet above the ground. All monkeys but the douroucouli of South America rest at night and are active during the day. The monkey's tail helps them to swing and walk easily on trees.

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