Animal Dentist Game

Animal Dentist Game

Animal Dentist Game Online - Play Free Fun Animal Care Games

A free online game for all the animals who are tired of being tortured by their dentist. The time for revenge has come. Go to the other side You now are a superb dentist. You can use all instruments and take care of the pets. Some of the animals will really surprise you. Become an animal dentist is a skill game in which you will tear cure or clean a multitude of animals teeth. You will find all the accessories of torture as in a real veterinary dentist place. You will learn how to handle them. You get to enjoy 40 levels. Have fun!

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How to Play Animal Dentist Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen to play.

Fun Dentist Facts for Kids

A dentist is a professional in the medical community that, historically, failed out of medical school and was forced to deal with oral hygene. According to Academia there are many fun and interesting dentist facts. The average person spends about 48 seconds per day brushing their teeth, but dentists recommend at least 2 or 3 minutes. According to a recent survey by Time magazine, 59% of people would rather have a dental appointment than sit next to someone who is talking on a cell phone. Americans spend $2 billion a year on dental care products. 14 million gallons of toothpaste is used in the United States every year. An average American will use 14 inches of dental floss every year.

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