Chicken Climbing Game

Chicken Climbing Game

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Chicken Climbing is an action and arcade game, very easy to grasp for everyone. Chickens can't fly. But their wings are great for long jumps. How many times can you jump without hitting with angry chickens, danger spikes or fast missiles? Here you go from the very bottom as high as you can. However, it's not safe. Deal with obstacles and enemies. Move fast and click just when it's needed to dodge dangerous spots. Beat your previous results and see how far you'll get. Try a couple of rounds to have your own opinion about the content. The visuals are bright, with a detailed environment. Such as a broken fence, the blue sky, and nice flowers. Jump as high as you can and achieve a high score and challenge your friends. Have fun!

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How to Play Chicken Climbing Game

Tap to jump. Double tap to jump double as high. The main character is constantly running left and right. Your goal is to guide it to upper platforms and avoid traps. Mind threats on almost every level. There is a special indicator showing exactly where you are. Get primed for sharp spikes located at different parts of the platform. Mind your trajectory when jumping to avoid landing right at the danger. Some floors host aggressive roosters that attack and push you down. Luckily, you'll have a rest on the ones that have nothing to threaten your life. But you can't stay there for long. Otherwise, you'll be shot from a missile launcher. Find out what other challenges are waiting for you if you get higher!

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