Cannon Duck Game

Cannon Duck Game

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Challenge your friends and take down the duck with as many cannons as you can, see how far you can go. Send the main character flying using a weapon. But don't worry, it's totally safe. After all, the duck has a helmet and can use its wings in case of emergency. It's a great opportunity to boost your marksmanship and do a funny thing. In this free online game you get to test the accuracy of your skills. It is completely up to you to challenge yourself in this adventure, break records, and be the best. You're sure to get glued to the Cannon Duck after a couple of tries. Have fun!

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How to Play Cannon Duck Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen. The game-play is simple and yet fresh. You'll always see 2 cannons moving at the opposite sides. With the character waiting in the first one, click to shoot. However, you should wait until you're sure to hit the muzzle of the gun. If you succeed, you come to the next level. In case you miss, you'll be penalized. Time restrictions won't get you bored by the process. When the round begins, you get a limited amount of seconds. The longer you hesitate, the higher the chances to lose are. Luckily, you get more moments when you fire well. But it's not the most difficult thing. Your target and you move at different speeds. To succeed, you need to predict the trajectory. It's something not everyone can do. Train to get the skills and achieve great results!

Cannon Duck Game - Tips and Tricks

If it's your first round, take it slow by starting with the easy mode. Switch to normal if you feel you're getting better. And the most experienced opt for the hard one to test their skills to the fullest. Try to catch clocks to add some seconds in the session. And if the creature bounces off back to your gun, you get an additional reward! But it's a task for a real pro.

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