Birds Mahjong Deluxe Game

Birds Mahjong Deluxe Game

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Here you get to enjoy a birds themed simplified classic Mahjong game. As you would expect, you can eliminate pair of similar items. You can select only those pairs which have at least 2 adjacent sides open. These tiles makes the game special as they are decorated with different kinds of birds of various species and colors. The tiles are set against a beautiful forest landscape to fit the theme of this feathery game. Each level is timed so you must slide and collide as quickly as you can. Additionally, every level will have a different pattern for you to solve. Submit your score to see where you land on the scoreboard. Challenge yourself by trying to beat your own score while rising up the leaderboards. Have fun!

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How to Play Birds Mahjong Deluxe Game

Use mouse or touch to play this game. Select two of the same Mahjong tiles to remove them from the game. You can only select stones that have at least one side (left or right) free and that have no other tiles placed on top. The aim of the game is to clear the layout by pairing up all the tiles.

Birds Mahjong Deluxe is Mahjong in its purest form

For those who love Mahjong in its purest form, then you should play Birds Mahjong Deluxe, a free online mahjong game that is designed using the traditional mahjong characters. These were the characters that were etched on the wooden tiles that were used by the ancient Chinese when they started playing this game. Traditionally 2 to 4 people would play the game and remove the tiles that matched each other and were not covered, in pairs. Whenever a person removed tiles, he or she would keep them, on one side, and then play again. The player would continue until stuck, and the next player would have a turn. This would go on until the pile was exhausted, or they all became stuck. After the game, each would count the tiles he or she has removed and the winner would be the person with the most tiles. Now you can enjoy the game today, as it was then; use the traditional tiles which seem to have been etched on milky white tiles. This is the game for those who love the challenge that came with the use of the Chinese symbols. Using shapes and other simple symbols has made the game too easy; play like the traditional inventors of the game.

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