Crazy Seagull Game

Crazy Seagull Game

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You're a little crazy, aren't you? This Gaviota is completely crazy and wants all the balloons. Minimalist and fun game that will keep your adrenaline pumping as your opponent is very fast and agile, you will fly a plane easy to steer to try to win the prizes, you will not win a medal, I assure you. Have fun!

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How to Play Crazy Seagull Game

Steer the plane by touching the screen.

Crazy Seagull make Unbearable Noises at Ungodly Hours

Easily the most ubiquitous bird around our little slice of paradise by the sea is the seagull. If you have ever been around were seagulls hangout, then you have probably heard the cacophonous squawking of gulls piercing through the wee hours of the morning. Like most birds, gulls are governed by daylight, which is why they are often heard very early in the morning. When the gulls first hatch, the chicks start to wander around and other seagulls will be trying to eat them. So the parents are actually defending their chicks when they are making sound. Though they're generally harmless, seagulls sometimes become aggressive. This usually happens when they're trying to protect their young or when they've become too accustomed to scavenging food from humans. Studies have shown seagulls to have a highly developed, complex communication system using a wide range of vocalizations and body movements. They will make as much noise as possible to ward off potential predators - whether they are human or other birds. Plus, young gulls are very hungry and will call for their parents for food, adding to the din.

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