Angry Flappy Birds Game

Angry Flappy Birds Game

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Prepare for the ultimate mashup of two gaming classics: Flappy Bird meets Angry Birds in the thrilling game of Angry Flappy Birds! Get ready for a high-flying adventure that combines the addictive gameplay of Flappy Bird with the excitement of launching birds in Angry Birds. In this super fun and cute flying game, you'll shoot your bird into the air and guide it through challenging obstacles. But wait, there's a twist - you have three birds to shot! Experience the best of both worlds as you navigate through a world of fun and excitement. Are you ready to take on this epic flying challenge? Let the flapping and shooting begin! Have a blast!

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How to Play Angry Flappy Birds Game

Use the slingshot to shoot the birds, then tap the screen to flap. Click on the screen to make them fly higher and lead them through all pipes to crack the new high score. Don't hit the pipes.

The Angry Birds game has a Popular Following

Angry Birds is one of the pioneer games of this type and it has a popular following. There are various seasons, which have been developed, but this version is the first one. The story revolves round a bunch of pigs, which have stolen eggs from birds, which are otherwise very peaceful. But just as the eagle will fight to protect its eggs, the quiet birds become angry and chase the pigs. The pigs go into towers that they have built in an effort to avoid the wrath of the birds but they have another thought coming. The birds create a catapult from which they are launched to bring down the towers. When the towers are down, the pigs are vulnerable and they can be killed. This is a military strategy game, where you observe the defenses of your enemy before you decide where to hit. Once you decide, it is time to get your artillery ready and aim properly. Without a proper determination of the speed and the angle of the shot, you will simply waste all your shots. Remember that you will be greatly rewarded for using the least number of shots to bring down the towers in which the pigs are hiding.

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