Pony Dress Up Game

Pony Dress Up Game

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Pretty as a peach, you will be perfectly paired with your precious little pony. Welcome to pony dress up where you can take care of your very own pony. Clean brush and prepare your pony with love and care. You can also customize it to match your taste and personality. Take care of it and become its best friend. Have fun!

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How to Play Pony Dress Up Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen to play. Click the icons and drag on the items to clean and dress-up the pony.

The Joys of Playing Dress-Up

Kids love to play dress-up, and according to WikiPedia this fun game help children strengthen their imagination and helps with learning, since it is a form of make-believe and role-playing. It involves dressing up, usually to impersonate someone or something, like an animal or character in a fairy tale. The type of clothes they dress up in often resembles who they are trying to be, either adults' clothing or special play clothes designed specifically for dress-up like feather boas and jewelry. More and more tweens are taking to the Internet to talk with friends, shop and play games. In recent years, the most popular girls games have been dress up and fashion games which allow girls to dress and customize virtual dolls, go shopping and complete challenges. The newest virtual dress up sites allow users to make new friends and chat with other users while they play with their pretend dolls.

Why do Little Girls Love Ponies?

There are many reasons why little girls love ponies. It is said it has to do with girls expressing their own power. Cute little ponies also help with fueling and developing girls imagination. Girls are attracted to achieving the skills and level of competence it takes to care for a pony. As not many little girls have access to real life ponies, these free online pony pony games are a good way for them to have fun doing what they enjoy. Girls love ponies because they find in those cute, gentle animals what suddenly seems at risk in human relationships: trust, loyalty and unconditional love. Ponies give you the respect you yearned for, and have that uncanny power to sense your mood and change it, and you are always trying to improve the way both of you work together.

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