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Congo Bongo Game

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Get ready for a wild adventure with Congo Bongo, an action-packed isometric platform arcade game developed by SEGA Enterprises Ltd. and first released in 1983! This thrilling game is Sega's answer to the immensely popular Donkey Kong, offering players a unique and exciting gameplay experience. Assume the role of a red-nosed safari hunter on a mission to catch an ape named Bongo, seeking revenge for a fiery prank that left the hunter with a literal hotfoot. Named by Peter W. Gorrie, CFO of Sega at the time, Congo Bongo offers gameplay similar to Frogger and Donkey Kong but with a twist - it's viewed from an isometric perspective. With no offensive abilities, players must rely on their wits and agility to jump over enemies and obstacles, making every level a thrilling challenge. Join the safari and embark on an adventure like no other in Congo Bongo!

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How to Play Congo Bongo Game

We recommend that you play this retro game, and computer equipped with a keyboard. Use the following controls to play: 1 Player Start: 1, 2 Players Start: 2, Coin 1: 5, Coin 2: 6, Service 1: 9, Service Mode: F2. Player 1: P1 Up: Up Arrow, P1 Down: Down Arrow, P1 Left:Left Arrow, P1 Right: Right Arrow, P1 Button 1: Lcontrol or Mouse B1. Player 2: P2 Up: R, P2 Down: F, P2 Left: D,P2 Right: G, P2 Button 1: A.

Congo Bongo is similar to Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong and Congo Bongo are both iconic arcade games that share several similarities, both in gameplay and concept. Both games were developed by Nintendo and feature a similar premise where the player controls a character navigating through a series of obstacles and enemies to rescue someone. In Donkey Kong, the player controls Mario as he tries to rescue Pauline from the clutches of Donkey Kong, while in Congo Bongo, the player controls a safari explorer trying to rescue his girlfriend from various wild animals.

Another similarity between Donkey Kong and Congo Bongo is the use of platforming elements and level design. Both games feature levels with multiple platforms and obstacles that the player must navigate to progress. Additionally, both games require the player to jump over gaps, climb ladders, and avoid enemies to reach the goal. The gameplay in both video games is challenging and requires precise timing and skill to complete each level. Overall, Donkey Kong and Congo Bongo share many similarities that make them both classic and enjoyable arcade games.