Protectors of the Pridelands Game

Protectors of the Pridelands Game

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There is so much going in the Pridelands. So much adventure that you can be a part of only in The Lion Guard: Protector of the Pridelands game. Each of the characters has a different journey. So make sure you join all of them and see where they are going to take you. Pridelands has so many animals and sceneries that you can enjoy watching. What about joining a real adventure that regards them all? Try running with the baboons, beware of the rhinos, fly up high and play Hide and Seek. So many activities, so many possibilities to have fun. Just take the chance to join your favorite group of friends on their journey. A new web game based on the Lion King. Have fun!

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How to Play Protectors of the Pridelands Game

Use your mouse and arrows to play this fun online game.

Challenge the Animals of Pridelands

First of all, let's see what Kion has in mind for today. As you can see, he wants to take a trip around the Pridelands and collect all of the tokens that he can find. Are you able to help him solve his mission? Well, all you need to do is to beware the rhinos, jump over the wood, and avoid the rivers or ponds. Help Kion move around the kingdom by simply clicking on the screen and holding the button. And the most important thing is to collect tokens. Only with their help will he be able to roar. And his roar will get him to move further beyond any barrier. If he bumps into any of the obstacles on silent mode, you will need to start again. Now let's run a little bit with Fuli. She has challenged some angry baboons, and now she has to prove that she is faster. Avoid the ponds, the rocks, or the bushes that you might encounter. And collect all of the tokens to give her some extra speed. Be careful and do not let the baboons catch you, are we clear?

Accept the challenges of the jungle!

Beshte is the most helpful rhino in the entire kingdom. And why is that? Because he can help the antelopes cross the river by building the perfect bridge. But he can not do this without your help. Click on the screen and point Beshte towards the right road. And collect the tokens that you find on your way, for some extra power. Now Bunga is quite a special little fellow. He can jump from cliff to cliff and from rock to rock, towards the sky. By clicking on the screen, you can help him reach another level. Be careful, though. There are hyenas, gimps, and falling rocks that you will need to avoid if you want to reach higher places. You've got this. Just pay attention to your surroundings. And do not miss your chance to play "hide and seek" with our beloved Ono. He will be flying up high, trying to find all of his friends. Guide him in his flight and collect his tokens to help him fly faster. If you encounter any hawks, run for the hills. They will eat poor Ono, and you will lose the game. If you are careful enough, nobody will come to any harm. So are you ready to start the adventure of your life? Buckle up and take the journey with us. You will not regret it, we assure you. Fly, jump, run, or hide!