Gravity Frog Game

Gravity Frog Game

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Welcome to the world of Gravity Frog, a world where the laws of gravity have been broken, making poor Isaac Newton turn in his grave. Switch the gravity to control your Frog to avoid the obstacles and reach the door. 12 levels to go, see if you can beat them all. Do you think gravity sounds interesting, and do you also like to play a free web game? Then you will love Gravity Frog. Have fun!

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How to Play Gravity Frog Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen.

Why do we need Gravity?

Gravity is a very important and critical part of our everyday lives and you probably don't even notice. There are some things that gravity does for us everyday. This is the force that brings us back down to the ground when we jump up. It stops us from floating into space. It keeps our food on our plates and our drinks in our glasses. It keeps the Earth in orbit around the sun and keeps us warm. This invisible force keeps the water on the Earth, the inhabitants on Earth, and the Earth's atmosphere in its place. Gravity also pulls rain and snow down to our rivers.

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