Puppy Rescue Game

Puppy Rescue Game

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Get ready for a thrilling adventure as you control your helicopter to rescue adorable puppies in this exciting online game! Your mission is to safely bring them to safety, but watch out for obstacles – don't collide with other objects! Can you navigate quickly and earn all 3 stars? With cute and helpless puppy dogs in need of rescue, you'll enjoy over 20 challenging levels. Each level becomes progressively harder as you evade hot air balloons, aircraft, moving platforms, and more. Get ready for an action-packed rescue mission and have a blast!

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How to Play Puppy Rescue Game

Play with keyboard, mouse or touch. Control your helicopter to save the puppies. Watch the interactive in-game tutorial for more tips and tricks.
Note: No puppy dogs were harmed in the making of this online game.

How can you rescue a puppy?

Besides playing this animal game, a puppy can be rescued at your local Animal Shelter or Humane Society. Some cities have a Rescue program to help save the animals who through no fault of thier own are awaiting a fateful destiny. If you are able to help and save one, contact your local ASPCA, or make a donation. Other types of animal rescue may include those performed by Fireman, when a puppy falls into a well or a cat gets stuck in a tree. Some dogs may not realize they are in danger and think of the rescue experience as play, but people do not view it as a game. Either way, playing this free online game can give you an idea of how fun it can be to Rescue a puppy.

A Virtual Puppy Center

Go on the Internet and look for a puppy center, and you will find them all over the place. petMD.com is one of those places. Here you can learn about puppies and get practically any question you might have about puppy dogs answered. They teach you about where to get a puppy, training puppies, the importance of nutrition, and even how to correctly hold a leash. On an online puppy center you will also find answers to all kinds of questions, and sometimes they even option for you to contact and talk with a real vet.

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