Caveman Grru Game

Caveman Grru Game

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Caveman Grru is one of our hand picked skill games that can be played on any device. Long time ago in a cave mighty Grru wanted to eat some dinosaur eggs for breakfast so he went on a trip to get some. Smash dinos, avoid falling down, keep the pace and stay alive. Caveman Grru is a great arcade game. Have Fun!

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How to Play Caveman Grru Game

Use the mouse or your finger on touch screen devices to play this free online game. Tap the left side of the screen to jump, tap the right side of the screen to attack.

What is a Caveman

A caveman or troglodyte is a stock character based upon widespread concepts of the way in which early prehistoric humans may have looked and behaved. The term caveman, sometimes used colloquially to refer to Neanderthal people, originates out of assumptions about the association between early humans and caves, most clearly demonstrated in cave painting or bench models. A caveman is frequently represented as living with dinosaurs in popular culture, despite the fact dinosaurs became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period, some 65 million years before the emergence of the human species or caveman. A stereotypical caveman have traditionally been depicted wearing smock-like garments made of animal skin and held up by a shoulder strap on one side, and carrying large clubs approximately conical in shape.

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