Daddy Rabbit Game

Daddy Rabbit Game

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Daddy Rabbit must find all his lost babies inside the most amazing underground burrow you've ever seen. These baby rabbits sleep peacefully everywhere, but when daddy rabbit passes by, they will follow him all the way. Baby bunnies will follow dad but will cry if they are awake and his dad wanders too far. When that happens, the zombies will get upset and go straight to eat them. That's when daddy rabbit will defend his sons with a carrot punch and give those evil zombies what they deserve. Have fun!

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How to Play Daddy Rabbit Game

Move through the burrow by clicking on a place in the tunnel to go there, you can also use the arrows or the AWSD keys Shoot carrots at the zombies with the space bar and make your babies sleep with the B key.

Where do rabbits build nests?

According to Indiana House Rabbits Society bunnies build nests. Wild rabbits often make their nests in areas that boggle our minds. Sometimes they even build it right in the middle of an open yard. They are "hiding in plain sight" as often the predators that they naturally fear would be too timid to enter those areas. They don't count on the family dog or cat also being a problem. If you find a nest that has been disturbed, do all you can to restore and protect it rather than bring the infants inside. If a dog has discovered the nest, you can put a wheelbarrow over it, so that the mother can get to it but the dog cannot. You can also protect the nest with a wicker laundry basket with a hole cut in it for the mother to enter.

How to build a relations with a bunny

There are a few ways on how to bond with your bunny. When you first get a pet bunny it is normal for it not be interested in you. Bonding with your rabbit is so important because they are, for the most part, silent creatures. The Relationship Experts at Animal Whoop have some very good advice on how you can best bond with your bunny rabbit. It is important to build a relationship slow, because if you rush into to things you will make mistakes. You should also try to get down on their level, sometimes a good idea is to just lay down on the floor and let the bunny come over when it feels confident enough. Don't pick your bunny up, they dislike it, to them it feels just like a predator picked them up. You get some rabbits that enjoy being picked up but that's likely due to the trust they have for their owners, but first you need to earn their trust. Use food as good way to bond with them, but bear in mind not to use sugary snacks and not to overfeed your bunny. Last relationship builder advice is to speek softly. Rabbits have excellent hearing, and shouting and screaming will scare them.

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