Kitty Doctor Game

Kitty Doctor Game

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Step into the exciting world of Kitty Doctor at! In this thrilling online game, you'll take on the role of a skilled veterinarian tasked with caring for adorable kittens in need. Your mission is to diagnose their ailments, treat their injuries, and nurse them back to health. With a variety of medical tools and treatments at your disposal, including X-rays, bandages, and medications, you'll work tirelessly to ensure these furry patients receive the best care possible. But the fun doesn't stop there! You'll also have the opportunity to groom and pamper the kittens, ensuring they feel loved and happy. Are you ready to unleash your inner veterinarian and become a hero to these adorable felines? Dive into the world of Kitty Doctor now and let the healing begin!

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How to Play Kitty Doctor Game

Use mouse or tap the screen to play the online game.

What is a Stray Kitten?

A stray kitten is a young cat who has been socialized to people at some point in her life, but has left or lost her domestic home, as well as most human contact and dependence. Over time, a stray cat can become feral as her contact with humans dwindles. Under the right circumstances, however, a stray cat can also become a pet cat once again. Stray cats that are re-introduced to a home after living outdoors may require a period of time to re-acclimate; they may be frightened and wary after spending time outside away from people.

What to do if you Find a Stray Kitten

You might ask yourself what should I do if I come upon a stray kitten outdoors? According to there are few things you should do. First you will need to assess the situation. Are the young 'uns on their own? If you have decided they need to be taken in, consider how much time you have to give them. Stray kittens need more than food, litter and toys - they also need you. If you take them in, you will need to have your little charges spayed or neutered when they are old enough to prevent them from producing yet more kittens who need homes. Unless you plan to keep all the kittens you take in you will have to find adoptive families. Prepare a somewhat small, quiet space for the feline family. Teaching kittens to love people is a gradual process. Some of them take to people quickly, but prepare to be patient with more reticent types. My favorite part of socialization is the last stage, which involves lots of petting, cuddling and playing, but you have to lay the ground work to get there. For more information on helping stray kittens, visit the ASPCA, Petfinder and Alley Cat Allies.

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