Animal Daycare Pet Vet Game

Animal Daycare Pet Vet Game

Animal Daycare Pet Vet Game Online - Play Free Fun Animal Care Games

Pet care games with levels offer hours of fun to boys and girls who love animals and dream of becoming veterinarians, dog and cat groomers or animal hairdressers. Do you want to take care of your own pet in real life? Learn how to take care of pets properly by playing exciting pet grooming mini games. Have fun!

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How to Play Animal Daycare Pet Vet Game

Use your mouse to play this fun game.

Why many girls want to become a pet vet

Veterinary medicine is one of the most popular and rewarding career options for animal lovers. The main reason why young girls wants to become a pet vet, just like Dr. Daisy, is that they love to spend time with cute animals. There are also fun animated TV shows such as Doc McStuffins that helps grow their interest of being a pet veterinarian. Many kids start mentioning their interest in this career path at a very young age. For kids who are interested, there are lots of ways to prepare, starting at a young age. Reading books on animals can help to build knowledge and interest.

Dogs Fear the Veterinarian

According to, A fear of going to see the veterinarian is quite common in dogs. The most common reason for this fear is all the strange smells and sounds the dog sense when at the Pet Vet. Also, the dog is restrained by a veterinary technician while the veterinarian gives him a physical exam. Your dog can become confused and fearful at this unfamiliar type of handling. Most regular visits to the veterinarian also involve needles in the form of vaccinations and having blood taken. Add it all together and you have a pretty traumatic experience for your dog.

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