Iron Snout Game

Iron Snout Game

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Iron Snout is a very interesting fighting game. Who is the winner? The pig or the wolf? Join in the Iron Snout to control the pig fight against the evil wolves. Have fun!

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How to Play Iron Snout Game

Use your arrow keys to control the fighting motions of the pig. Use spacebar to pick up objects lost by the wolves, and also throw these back at teh wolves.

What is a Iron Snout

Part pig and part robot, Iron Snout is a pig based cyborg assassin, programmed to kill wolves. This cyborg has skills a pig otherwise wouldn't have, and this skills are important in defense of the remaining pigs. Designed and activated by Professor LOLpig Oinkstain, with physical or mental abilities far exceeding those of both pigs and wolves, Iron Snout is the ultimate wolf killing machine.

Fun Wolf Facts for Kids

According to International Wolf Center and there are many fun wolf facts for kids. Did you know that wolves always attack in groups comprising 5 to 6 individuals that circle the victim. Most of the attacks undergo unsuccessful attempts. Wolf always hunts out of hunger and not out of predation. These types of animals are the active hunters all throughout the day, especially in winter. Wolves are the strong territorial animals and they do not host any unknown species entering into their territory. Habitat destruction is one of the major reasons of their decreasing population.

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