Paper Snakes Game

Paper Snakes Game

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Paper Snakes is a slithering io snake game with a touch of paper theme. There is only one rule to play game: Eat others to grow bigger. It's an adventure that's definitely a fight for survival. Choose awesome snakes and join the battle. Have fun!

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How to Play Paper Snakes Game

Use mouse or mobile controller to direct the snake on his adventure. Eat others to grow bigger and avoid snakes larger than you.

How Snakes Moves

According to the key to snakes' agility are hundreds of vertebrae and ribs which is closely related to the key to their locomotion: ventral scales. These specialized rectangular scales line the underside of a snake, corresponding directly with the number of ribs. The bottom edges of the ventral scales function like the tread on a tire, gripping the surface and propelling the snake forward. Snakes have four basic methods of movement: Serpentine - This S-shape movement, also known as undulatory locomotion, is used by most snakes on land and in water. Starting at the neck, a snake contracts its muscles, thrusting its body from side to side, creating a series of curves. Sidewinding - In environments with few resistance points, snakes may use a variation of serpentine motion to get around. Contracting their muscles and flinging their bodies, sidewinders create an S-shape that only has two points of contact with the ground; when they push off, they move laterally. Caterpillar - A much slower method of movement is caterpillar or rectilinear locomotion. This technique also contracts the body into curves, but these waves are much smaller and curve up and down rather than side to side. The tops of each curve are lifted above the ground as the ventral scales on the bottoms push against the ground, creating a rippling effect. Concertina - The previous methods work well for horizontal surfaces, but snakes climb using the concertina technique. The snake extends its head and the front of its body along the vertical surface and then finds a place to grip with its ventral scales.

Fun Snake Facts for Kids

Ooohhh snakes; you either love them or hate them. In some countries they are seen as bad luck, while in other countries they are good luck and well, in other places you just run and hide! According to there are many fun snakes facts for kids. Did you know that many people believe that snakes have healing powers? Well here’s a strange one for you. If you know someone who can't see properly or her hair is falling out then suggest that they drink some snake wine. Snake's scales are made up of something called Keratin, which is the same thing that our fingernails are made from. The thickest snake is the Anaconda. The biggest one found measured 44 inches around. Mother Pythons will coil themselves around their eggs and make their bodies shiver in order to heat herself up and keep her eggs warm until they hatch.

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