Frenzy Snake Game

Frenzy Snake Game

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Classic games have always been more fun! When was the last time you played the classic snake game? Do you want to try again? This fun game takes you back to the days when the best games were simple, but addictive games. This version offers two game modes, nicely design graphics, easy to operate controls, easy levels for kids and expert levels. So if you like retro games or need a simple game to pass the time, download Snake Game and enjoy playing fun old games on your phone!

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How to Play Frenzy Snake Game

Use the keyboard arrows or touch on the screen.

Fun Snake Facts for Kids

There are approximately 3,100 recognized species of snakes, which are categorized into around 20 family groups. According to there are many fun snakes facts for kids. Did you know that a snake can be described as a limbless elongated reptile with scaly skin. Snakes inhabiting every continent with the exception of the Antarctica. Also, many islands do not have snakes living them, these include Iceland, Ireland and New Zealand. Although sea snakes can be found in New Zealand. Some snake species possess a harmful poison which is potent enough to cause painful injuries and sometimes death to humans, but the majority of snakes are harmless. The most dangerous or poisonous snakes found in the world include cobras, mambas, taipans, vipers, adders and rattlesnakes.

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