Crazy Snakes Game

Crazy Snakes Game

Crazy Snakes Game Online - Play Free Fun Snakes Web Games

If you are looking for online games, then this web game gives you a nice experience. Get ready to fight and struggle to stay with or against friends in the online game of Crazy Snakes. Your goal is eat food and grow big, and at the same time avoid those snakes bigger than you, as they will eat you. Have Fun!

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How to Play Crazy Snakes Game

Use the mouse to play this fun online game, on touch screen devices you can use your finger. The snake will follow the mouse cursor.

Fun Snake Facts for Kids

Some people love snakes. Others dislike or even fear them. No matter how you feel about snakes, they play an important role. According to and there are many fun snakes facts for kids. Did you know that there are over 3,000 species of snakes. Because snakes can't regulate their body temperature, they need sunlight to keep them warm. This is why most snakes live in hot, humid places, such as the rain forest. Some snakes are smaller than a pencil. Others are as long as your school bus. All snakes have a few things in common, though. They have long, thin bodies and no limbs. Snakes have eyes that don’t blink. They are also covered in scales. Snakes lay eggs. Some snakes incubate the eggs in their bodies and give birth to live babies. Venomous snakes are poisonous from birth. The young are actually more dangerous than older snakes, because they’re more likely to strike. Older snakes usually try to flee. Snakes have been found to habitat at high altitudes, species have been found in the Himalayan Mountains of Asia living as high as 16,000 feet.

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