My Little Pony Puzzle Game

My Little Pony Puzzle Game

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Nothing can relax you and intrigue you at the same time than a puzzle. We have the perfect My Little Pony puzzle for you. It is fun and entertaining and you will love to recreate each image with your favorite ponies. Choose from 9 different My Little Pony themed pictures, drag and drop the pieces into place and solve all jigsaw puzzles. Complete the puzzles before the time runs out so you can gain a high score. Good luck and have fun solving this great puzzle!

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How to Play My Little Pony Puzzle Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen to drag and drop pieces.

Fun Facts About My Little Pony

According to Fun Trivia there are many fun facts about My Little Pony. Did you know that the ponies are not born with a cutie mark on their flank. When a pony discovers her or his special talent, their cutie mark appears. Ponyville is ruled by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. The ponies help a lot too with their courage to fight Discord and also outsmart the bear that Trixie claims she scared off. Rainbow Dash represents the element of loyalty and has a pet tortoise named Tank. Pinkie Pie has a pet baby alligator named Gummy. Gummy is very calm and harmless because he has no teeth. Fluttershy loves animals and they love her back. She is very shy and quiet around other ponies.

Fascinating Jigsaw Puzzle Facts

A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of often oddly shaped interlocking and tessellating pieces. There are many fascinating facts about jigsaw puzzles. Did you know that in the USA more people enjoy jigsaw puzzles each year than any other table game. According to Jig Things the fastest way to do a jigsaw is to sort all the different colors into groups before you begin. The most expensive public record of a jigsaw puzzle selling was in 2005. It sold for $27,000 (2005 dollars) and was only about 500 pieces. We at think that is a ridiculous amount of money to pay for a puzzle, as we believe jigsaw puzzles should be free, and that's why you can solve the My Little Pony jigsaw puzzle for free on our website.

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