Monkey Teacher Game

Monkey Teacher Game

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Monkey Teacher is a game that even the youngest players can appreciate. This hyper-casual puzzle consists of numerous challenges that revolve around logic and precision. Solve the intelligent primate's riddles by drawing shapes on the whiteboard. You get to draw fun geometric figures on your phone, tablet or computer. Recreate the design perfectly to achieve victory and unlock the next stage. Have fun!

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How to Play Monkey Teacher Game

Draw geometric figures using your mouse, stylus pen, or even your own finger on touch screen devices. The goal is to copy the object that the character is pointing at. It can be a circle or an ellipse, a square or a rectangle. Use the outline and try to trace over it as accurately as possible. Click and hold the Left Mouse Button and drag the cursor to start painting. There is no need to complete the entire picture in a single move. Apply a short stroke, release LMB, take a moment, and continue the work. Make sure that there are no gaps in the line to accomplish the task. Once the job is done, receive a round of applause and proceed further. Studying doesn't have to be boring and unimaginative. Check out Monkey Teacher for free and grow smarter every minute. Learn to replicate pixel-perfect images by hand and have a blast.

Wisdom of the Jungle

Educational titles rarely succeed in providing a compelling and entertaining experience. As soon as kids see another math problem or a grammar exercise, they lose interest. However, this example stands out from the crowd of similar offerings on Kevin Games. It sets itself apart with a number of commendable features:

  • Straightforward, but highly amusing and oddly satisfying gameplay
  • Dozens of unique levels that will test the challenger's observation and motor skills
  • Cute animal protagonist with a happy-go-lucky attitude
  • Colorful 2D graphics and relaxing background music

The process is very intuitive and forgiving. Even the youngers audiences will have no trouble figuring it out and mastering the controls.

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