Monkey and Banana Game

Monkey and Banana Game

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Monkey and Banana is a fun, addictive and very simple game. It is so easy to play but can result in hours of fun. You take on the role of a monkey and you can either play against the computer or play against your friend on the same screen. Take turns to role the dice to move along the path and the first one to reach the bananas at the end wins! You must finish on the exact number of steps that you need to win, no more no less! Have fun!

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How to Play Monkey and Banana Game

Tap the dice to roll it. ake turns in roll the dice. Whichever number the dice lands on, that relates to how many steps that person can take along the path! Along the way there is shortcuts and also points that will make you go back a few steps so watch out for those! The aim of the game is to beat your opponent in getting to the bananas first! This game requires determination and courage to defeat your opponent. Without these two attributes you will need a lot of luck to win! Come and show your friends what you are made of! Let's go get those bananas!

Picking Bananas from a Tree

When you live in or visit a place where bananas grow wild, you should know how to harvest them yourself. According to as you approach your banana patch, look for the bananas you may want to harvest. It can be harder to see them from inside the trees. You want to pick either a stalk that is already ripening, i.e., yellow, or a stalk that is still green but has stopped growing. Harvesting bananas involves chopping down the whole tree. The tree will die anyway once it's fruited, and lives on through "keiki" (Hawaiian for children) that sprout up alongside it. Places where bananas thrive are bound to be covered in vines, which can screw up your plans for the tree's descent. So clear any vines away before you chop your banana tree down. The trees aren't very heavy so they usually fall slow enough to catch them. Pick your bananas and take them home for a healthy meal.

Why the Banana is Good for You

Monkeys love bananas and so should you. According to bananas are rich in the healthy blood producing vitamin, Vitamin B6. They also contain good levels of Vitamin C, magnesium and manganese. Bananas also contain a compound called cytolcin which is believed to increase white blood cells that are crucial for having a strong immune system.

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