Wildlife Animal Hunting Game

Wildlife Animal Hunting Game

Wildlife Animal Hunting Game Online - Play Free Fun Lion Web Games

The stunning RPG Lion to explore the wild jungle as a powerful Lion. Angry Lion runs in the jungle for its prey to hunt down and eat them. Enjoy the thrill of being a real Lion to show off your stalking, hunting and survival skills in ultimate Lion King Simulator 3d simulation game. Have fun!

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How to Play Wildlife Animal Hunting Game

Use WASD or Arrows to walk, Left Shift to run, Mouse - to hunt.

Why a Lion may Experience Hunger Pains?

Most lions do not stand on their hind legs holding two plates on their shoulders catching cooked turkey legs, but this cute, playful, and happy looking lion in this free and fun web game does! How often do lions go hungry in the wild? Due to the fact that most lions are connected to a group which is commonly known as a "pride" most lions do not go hungry because they have each other. The female lionesses are the ones who are the better at the hunting game. There are some situations however, such as losing a hunting war with prey (such as being kicked by a water buffalo) or another fellow predator (such as a leapord) in which the lion may be too injured to eat and may end up starving to death. Habitat destruction, either natural or man-made (such as fire), is another reason that lions may experience hunger pains, as without the grass and the land, there is no prey to hunt and therefore nothing to eat.

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