Horses Slide Puzzle Game

Horses Slide Puzzle Game

Horses Slide Puzzle Game - Play Fun Free Horse Games Online

Play this slide puzzle games of the horse. It's include 3 images and 3 modes to play.

10,613 play times

How to Play Horses Slide Puzzle Game

Use mouse to play this html5 horse games.

Using a Horse for Roundup of Livestock

Today, though cattle are usually rounded up and herded only as far as a decent road where they can be loaded onto livestock trailers or semi-trailers, the terrain as well as unpredictable behavior of cattle render motorized vehicles virtually useless for rounding up and herding. Thus, in modern times, the use of horses remains essential. During roundups and for moving cattle, several horses are required for each cowboy. During a roundup in modern times, a cowboy may need to switch horses two or three times each day to rest each horse for use on subsequent days and avoid injury to horse and rider that may result from a fall or misstep by a fatigued animal. During the historic cattle drive era, each cowboy required about six horses on a cattle drive, switching the animals daily or even twice daily. Thus, the spare horses must be kept close to the cattle herd and moved along with the cattle so as to be available to riders as needed. The horses graze whenever possible along the way and at night to obtain adequate forage. The herd of spare horses was given the name remuda.

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