Horse Ride Racing Game

Horse Ride Racing Game

Horse Ride Racing Game - Play Fun Free Horse Games Online

This is a new horse racing simulation game which is made from 3D game art animation recently. You are ordered to ride the horse on the third person viewpoint who needs to cross the obstacles and complete the race as the first one. The more obstacles you jump over successfully, the faster your horse could run. Horse Ride Racing features fun game-play the options to choose between multiple horse colors. See if you have what it take to stay the distance, your goal is to become the new Gold Cup champion one day. Have fun!

10,685 play times

How to Play Horse Ride Racing Game

W or up arrow to speed up Space to jump.

Do Horses Love Racing?

It is a great thing for a jockey to say he and his horse are Gold Cup Champions, or even are in the finals of a game like this. According to some equestrian experts, horse do not love, they only like and dislike things. Some horses enjoy and find it fun to race, while others do not and would rather play in the meadow with other horses. It is very difficult to make a horse do anything that it does not want to do and that includes even bringing him out of his stable. If he doesn't want to do it, he wont come out. That goes for racing too, if he wants to win, he will run as fast as he possibly can. On the other hand, if he does not want to win, he will run much slower. When a horse wins a race, there is much noise and excitement and these positive vibrations have an effect on the horse, who also gets exited. We do not know for sure if the horse is having a good fun time, or not. We just assume that he is enjoying himself and is happy to win the race!

What does Stay the Distance mean?

The term Stay the Distance is a phrase used for the meaning to pursue a goal regardless of any obstacles or criticism. The phrase has been repeatedly parodied by political cartoonists. It also refer to the ability to have the endurance to see a difficult sustained challenge to its natural end without faltering.

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