Archer Warrior Game

Archer Warrior Game

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Become the Archer Warrior in this thrilling casual shooting game! Play as a rubber man mounted on a horse, charging forward into action. Use your skills to control left and right movements, aiming carefully to shoot enemies on the road with your trusty bow and arrows. Each level presents new tasks and challenges to overcome. Can you conquer them all? Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure and have a blast!

10,770 play times

How to Play Archer Warrior Game

Slide on the screen to play.

Horses are Brave devoted Creatures

I named my horse Louis Armstrong, after his the singer's famous album The Faithful Hussar. My quarter horse is a devoted creature and fits his name well. Do horses love jumping? Leaping over obstacles is one of the most popular Equestrian sports around, and when asked the riders of the horses will say that their horse loves to jump. But do they really or do they just do it because they were trained to do so, or just because of the enjoyment their rider seems to get out of it? Some studies have been done to see if a horse will jump over an obstacle for food. Two types of horse breeds were used, a regular jumping horse and the other a pasture type horse that does not game jump regularly. Both horse types did find it fun to jump at lower levels, but it was found that the horses preferred to avoid jumping as the jump got higher and more of a challenge. This does not prove that horses either love or hate jumping. I think that it all depends on the horse's personality, his training and his play environment.

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