Hello Kitty and Friends Finder Game

Hello Kitty and Friends Finder Game

Hello Kitty and Friends Finder Game Online - Play Free Fun Hello Kitty Games

A game with three cups and you have to guess where the character is. A simple online game that kids love with the art of Sanrio. When the cups appear it will show where Hello Kitty is hiding, but the cups will change position. Have fun!

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How to Play Hello Kitty and Friends Finder Game

Click or tap the cup under which Hello Kitty is hiding.

Fun Facts about Hello Kitty

According to Weebly.com there are many fun facts about Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is a Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow on her head. Her real name is Kitty White and she lives in London, England with her parents and twin sister, Mimmy. She was born on November 1, 1974. Her crazy popularity has led to her face being plastered on all kinds of products imaginable! Mugs, chopsticks, perfumes, books, pens, pencils, notebooks, plushies, toys etc. There are also video games, movies, and TV shows of her. Hello Kitty is a bright and kind-hearted girl, good at baking cookies and loves Mama's apple pie.She likes to collect, small cute things like sweets, stars, goldfish etc.

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