Ninja Frog Game

Ninja Frog Game

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Enter the exciting world of Ninja Frog, a platform game that will remind you of the classic Super Mario adventures. Play as a ninja frog and navigate through challenging platforms, smashing boxes and collecting strawberries along the way. Use your ninja skills to tap enemies from above and avoid dangerous spikes, blades, and other obstacles. Leap across long distances and strive to reach the end of each level. With five thrilling levels to conquer, join the ninja frog on this epic journey and prepare for a fun and action-packed adventure!

10,700 play times

How to Play Ninja Frog Game

Use arrow keys or tap the icons on the screen. For long jumps double click on the jump icon. Jump over enemies to destroy them.

Fun Ninja Facts for Kids

According to there are many fun facts to learn about ninjas. Ninjas were Japanese fighters who lived in Japan about 700 years ago. These warriors were originally called shinobi-no-mono. Also, Ninjas were not just fighters, they were fighters who were also spies. Ninjas received special training from very young age.They had to be expert at handling swords, throwing knives, spears, bows and wore a weapon for fist called tagaki. However, the main weapon of Ninja was the sword. They used metallic claws on their feet which helped them for climbing and protection for feet hits. Apart from this, Ninjas also had to know about explosive and poisonous substances, to be a good path finder and to survive in difficult situations. These trained ninjas worked on the order of their masters. They secretly gathered information about the enemy and destroyed enemy’s food and weapon supplies when needed. A ninja usually wore black clothes which helped him to hide in the dark.

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