Feed the Frog Game

Feed the Frog Game

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Meet our adorable green frog, whose hunger knows no bounds! Your mission is to feed this voracious amphibian a diet of spiders, ants, and fish, while skillfully avoiding dangerous bombs. Keep the frog's belly full by devouring all the insects in sight. But beware, one wrong move and it's game over! Earn one point for each item you successfully feed the frog and see how high you can score. Get ready for a thrilling challenge and loads of fun with this hungry little frog!

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How to Play Feed the Frog Game

Use the arrow keys or tap the arrows on touch screen devices with no keyboards.

McDonalds Feed Frog to a 10 year old girl

According to The Mirror a 10 year old girl got served a dead frog inside the chicken wrap she bought at her local McDonalds in United Kingdom. She pulled the chewy object out of her mouth and screamed when she realised it wasn't a bit of gristly chicken. It all happend while her dad was driving down the motorway, she spit out the frog and started to freak out. McDonald's customer services did not apologize and instead offered a refund and asked her to send them the frog. It's not a natural thing, like finding a slug in your lettuce. It was quite obvious that someone had put it in there. Common frogs are widespread in the UK and normally breed in shallow water like puddles, ponds, lakes, and canals. They can grow up to five inches in length. Salmonella bacteria live in their intestines and can be passed on through contact with people, particularly young children.

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