Sweet Elephants Jigsaw Game

Sweet Elephants Jigsaw  Game

Sweet Elephants Jigsaw Game Online - Play Free Fun Elephant Web Games

Sweet Elephants Jigsaw is a free online jigsaw puzzle game. You can select one of the three images and then select one of the four modes and pieces. Select your favorite picture and complete the jigsaw in the shortest time possible. Have fun and enjoy!

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How to Play Sweet Elephants Jigsaw Game

When you start the round, the picture freezes for a few moments. Then it breaks into elements, gets mixed, and flies to the sides. Use your mouse to drag pieces to the middle. Fix one in the right place and look for its neighbors. If you do it right, they stick to each other with a funny sound. Some components lie in the wrong pose. Rotate them with a special button at the bottom. There is a timer in the upper part. It doesn’t restrict you but shows how many seconds you need for completion. These indicators are then used to count your scores. The faster you do it, the better they are. A tip: try the same round several times to see your progress.

Fun Videos of Baby Elephants

Everyone loves Baby Elephants and if you check out Youtube, you can find all sorts of fun videos of them out there. There are photographs of them during bath time, bathing in a pool, or a tub of water. There are still images and moving images of them playing games with each other, some that seem to free charge each other, and even those of elephants being rescued. Did you know that after they are born, these magnificent creatures are dependent upon their mothers and other family members including aunts, uncles, and grandparents for as many as 10 years? According to WikiPedia, they have a very close knit society and can only be separated by capture or death.

The Amazing World of Jigsaw Puzzles

A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of often oddly shaped interlocking and tessellating pieces. Each piece usually has a small part of a picture on it; when complete, a jigsaw puzzle produces a complete picture. Solving puzzles helps reinforce existing connections between our brain cells. It also increases the generation of new relationships. This, in turn, improves mental speed and thought processes. Jigsaw puzzles are especially good for improving short-term memory.

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