Rescue the Elephant Calf Game

Rescue the Elephant Calf Game

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Embark on a thrilling adventure with Rescue the Elephant Calf, an immersive point-and-click game! Picture yourself wandering through a dense forest when you stumble upon a heart-wrenching sight: a trapped Elephant Calf locked inside a cage. Engage your wits as you solve a series of intriguing puzzles and uncover hidden objects to set the Calf free. Your mission awaits - good luck, and get ready for a wild and rewarding journey filled with challenges and excitement!

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How to Play Rescue the Elephant Calf Game

Tap the screen or use your mouse to interact.

How big can an elephant get?

This enormous and species of land mammal has an average life span of 48 to 70 years, depending on if they are Asian or African, respectively. According to WikiPedia, the Asian and African Forest type averages at weight of up to 6,000 pounds, while the African Savannah type can get up to 12,000 pounds, with the males being heavier than the females. While both male and female African elephants can have tusks, only the males in the Asian species have tusks. When it comes to rage, you can watch the national geographic channel, showing an attack on humans, but it is important to remember that this special genus of animal has been threatened by humans who are encroaching on their much needed land in which food grows. If you check out a video on you tube, you can see a video of one of these giant mammals get into a mad rage and attack its trainer and others and sometimes, they dont quit until they are put down. It is sad to see something like this happen, as when you see one in the circus, it is hard to realize the life they have endured, but it has not been all fun play and games for them. They have had a hard life living in an unnatural environment.

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