Happy Elephant Game

Happy Elephant Game

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Step into the world of adorable animal makeovers with this charming game, where you'll be taking care of a delightful little elephant. Assist the elephant in gathering coconuts from a tree and give it a refreshing clean-up after an unexpected dip in a mud hole. After all the excitement, treat the lovable jumbo to a delicious coconut drink. Next, showcase your styling prowess by dressing up the cute creature in an outfit of your choice. Witness the joy on the elephant's face as it flaunts its new look. Get ready for a delightful adventure filled with fun and cuteness!

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How to Play Happy Elephant Game

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

How much can an Elephant eat in one day?

I guess it depends upon where they are. In the wild, the adult eats almost constantly in order to get their required caloric intake, which is nearly 20 hours per day. They can consume an average of 400 pounds of food per day and drink nearly 50 gallons of water, while babies take in much less. According to WikiPedia, in the 1980's, the US obtained many African elephants from Zimbabwe due to their overabundance of them at the time. In Africa, there are safaris or so called chitwan that you can book for around $3995.00. Some park and lodge's that allow this are named Lodge Thula Thula, Park of Desa Taro, and Udawalwe. Some may also go hunting wild game while riding on one of these giant creatures, but these animals do not like to witness the death of another animal for fun.

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