Balance for Life's Lighter Moments Game

Balance for Life's Lighter Moments Game

Balance for Life's Lighter Moments Game Online - Play Free Fun Elephant Web Games

Meet our adorable elephant friend, cruising on a single-wheeled bicycle and in need of your help to stay balanced! Whether you prefer the scenic landscapes of South Africa or the rest of the world, the choice is yours. As you navigate up and down hills, your challenge is to collect as many delicious fruits and vegetables as you can while maintaining your balance. All the while, you'll be treated to stunning views of the surrounding terrain. Get ready for a wild ride full of fun and excitement!

10,780 play times

How to Play Balance for Life's Lighter Moments Game

Use left and right arrows for balancing, space key for jumping.

Elephants are very family oriented and have an amazing memory

Elephants are the largest living land mammal in the world, and they are also one of the most intelligent! They are very family oriented and have a amazing memory. It is fun to know that they pass on learned knowledge to their young. In their natural habitat, these giants live in family groups and due to their size, they have been feared by humans and several other land mammals. Although their vision is not that acute, their hearing is very good. They use their trunk as a useful appendage to grab objects such as food and bring it to their mouths to eat. Because the elephant is considered to be lucky, many knick-knacks with the animals trunk upraised have been created and sold. When it comes to the energy and symbology of the elephant, few people can object to its beauty, silent power, kindness and majesticism.

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