My Dolphin Show 7 Game

My Dolphin Show 7 Game

My Dolphin Show 7 Game Online - Play Free Fun Dolphin Web Games

Step into the spotlight with My Dolphin Show 7, the latest and greatest version of the aquatic performance simulator! Join the skilled dolphin trainer and her talented dolphin as they prepare to amaze audiences with their breathtaking show. This isn't just any ordinary aquarium; it's a grand spectacle on par with the dazzling displays you'd see at Sea World or a thrilling water park. Explore the new Jungle World, complete with 18 exciting levels, and get ready to dive into a world of fun and excitement!

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How to Play My Dolphin Show 7 Game

Please use your mouse to play. Here you can pick any skin you like. Choose from a huge catalog that includes such animals as zebra, python, tiger, and others. But first, collect points to unlock a new character. When the audience is ready and cheers for you, begin your stunts. The tasks vary from simple to complex, combining more than 2 elements. But it is always intuitively clear what to do. Deal with hoops, hurdles, and beach balls. Unusual components are wooden boxes, which you destroy. Or a target made of paper, which you need to fly through. Get primed for waterfalls, football playing, and ramp jumping.

My Dolphin Show 7 - Tips and Tricks

Make fluent and frequent moves, as this makes your visitors happy. Splash them with water, and don’t stay underwater for too long. The number of coins you get depends on your actions. And the mood of the audience. So, try hard and don’t allow mistakes to happen. If you fail, the trainer will be disappointed. And you will have to repeat the round. But if you do great, you get a lot of bonuses and fish to eat. The shop is filled with suits. For example, a banana costume, skirts, wigs, and even a tuxedo. If you are tired of swimming with a dolphin, try other charming characters. Play My Dolphin Show 7 game and do some funny stuff. For instance, put on a fireman's helmet and water a burning torch. Or wander in a maze made of ropes to reach a treasure chest. A coin trail will lead you in the right direction.

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