My Dolphin Show 6 Game

My Dolphin Show 6 Game

My Dolphin Show 6 Game Online - Play Free Fun Dolphin Web Games

Want to play with a dolphin? Do it right from your home. Enjoy My Dolphin Show 6 game free and try on the role of a sea creature. Be cute and let people see what you can do. This episode of the series focuses on crazy and unexpected tricks. You will encounter a traditional set of equipment. For example, hurdles, hoops, and balls. But get primed for such surprises as water cannons, springboards, and bowling pins. Plus some objects can move, thus making your life a bit more difficult. Explore each level, performing stunning tricks, such as jumping on small fountains. Have fun!

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How to Play My Dolphin Show 6 Game

Use your arrow keys or WASD to swim and do tricks.

My Dolphin Show 6 - Tips and Tricks

In short, the adventure offers a new set of good old tasks with puzzling elements. And labyrinths of obstacles. Complete a couple of rounds. Save a pretty sum of scores. And then treat yourself to charming upgrades and costumes. The title doesn’t have that many clothes. But this time there is a bigger choice of other creatures. For example, buy a frog, horsefish, or flamingo. Find out what other animals there are. 2 aspects influence the number of coins you get:

  • Simply perform stunts. Do it smoothly and with as few tries as possible. Making combos doubles your rewards.
  • Speed up. Too long pauses between tricks bore the audience.

And if you do it successfully, you get even more at the end of the round. The on-screen toy counts the number of people you have attracted. And increases what you have already earned. It is a fair system that encourages you to keep going.

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