My Dolphin Show 2 Game

My Dolphin Show 2 Game

My Dolphin Show 2 Game Online - Play Free Fun Dolphin Web Games

Welcome to the second part of the all-loved My Dolphin Show, an enhanced version of an old adventure. Here you get to perform incredible stunts. Do what it takes to keep your audience impressed by jumping through hoops, eating delicious fish, and splattering water all over them! Follow the instructions of your instructor very carefully and be the best dolphin of the world. Have fun!

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How to Play My Dolphin Show 2 Game

Use the arrow keys to swim. use hints to change strategy if necessary. You will see right away if your performance is not up to par. People will start disappearing, and their satisfaction will go down. They can even begin to snore at some point. It is up to you to cheer them up!

My Dolphin Show 2 - Tips and Tricks

Routine performances take place whenever you want. They don’t attract that many people but ensure stable income. However, grand events are only open once per 30 minutes. A lot of visitors come to have a look at your special program. To meet everyone’s expectations, learn new stunts and hone your skills. What can you do to please your fans? Well, the most important rule is to appear on the surface. Make leaps and let people have a look at your smooth-skinned body. But only if it was enough. Here are the basic stunts:

  • Fly through hoops. They are located on different levels. It can be a real challenge to target and slip through them.
  • Hop over poles. It is the easiest exercise in your arsenal. Practice a bit to make it perfect.
  • Dance on your tail. The most-loved trick. And the most complicated one, too. Press correct arrows to complete it. Their speed is not constant. React quickly and click buttons when it is time.

Pay attention to the board to know what comes next. If you succeed, you see congratulations and get a reward. Eat small fish to get additional bonuses. If you fail, your trainer tells you so. To draw even more attention, change your outlook regularly. Spend points on cool make-up to become pink or transform into an angel. The most outstanding metamorphosis is to turn into a real mermaid with a human body. Find out what other surprises are waiting for you in the store.

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