My Dolphin Christmas Show Game

My Dolphin Christmas Show Game

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The latest edition of the My Dolphin Show franchise is here, perfectly themed for the most wonderful time of the year! In My Dolphin Show: Christmas kids can enjoy many new levels and outfits for their favorite dolphin. The crowd has gathered in a snow-covered arena and is excited for a great Christmas show performance. The audience pays attention to every detail, so make sure you avoid mistakes. And if you succeed, visitors will applaud and praise your talent. Have fun!

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How to Play My Dolphin Christmas Show Game

Use your Keyboard (WASD or Arrows) to play. Perform awesome stunts, get bonus fish and buy new skins for your dolphin. This version is packed with unexpected sets of hurdles, balls, and hoops. They are arranged in a crazy way both in the air and underwater. Your aim is to find out what to do with them and in what order. Jump over, swim through, or just push? You’ll get the hang of it after a couple of seconds.

My Dolphin Christmas Show - Tips and Tricks

Simple elements go hand in hand with demanding ones. It makes the adventure captivating even after a couple of rounds of playing. You never know what to anticipate in the next match. Will it be a water cannon that boosts you up in the air? Or a barrel with water that you push to pour over the audience? Whatever you encounter in the arena, it is designed for you to interact with. Yes, you can jump several times to finally make it through. But you get more points if you think before you act. And perform polished stunts. Here are some tips to show better results:

  • Use fountains and trampolines to reach high targets.
  • Maneuver when you are in the air to land where it is convenient.
  • Don't necessarily aim to touch every pin in a row. Some of them will fall anyway (pushed by the others).
  • Hurry to pick up the fish that your trainer gives you. Otherwise, your reward disappears.

Once you earn enough in-game currency, have a look at the shop. My Dolphin Show Christmas Edition game online has a lot of options. Here you can buy clothes for the dolphin to become brighter. Or change it completely for another creature. For instance, a shark, penguin, or horsefish.

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