Puppy Ride Game

Puppy Ride Game

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Get ready for an exciting journey with Puppy Ride. The cute puppy was bored at home and decided to travel the world. Want to keep him company? If your answer is Yes, then let's go! In this cute kids dogs game, you will find yourself behind the wheel of a funny vehicle, vaguely reminiscent of an old car. Gold coins will be streaming down on you right from the sky, and your task is to collect as much as possible. But be careful, because, in addition to gold and bonuses, you can catch a bomb and then the puppy will explode with the car. After each level, the amount of money earned will be calculated. They can be spent on a brand new vehicle or additional items that will be on track. Use left and right arrow keys or A/ D to accelerate and slow down if you play the game on your PC and tap and hold with your fingers on the arrows if you play the game on your smartphone. Puppy Ride will be the most fun and positive trip! Ready to go on an adventure? On start, attention, march. Have Fun!

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How to Play Puppy Ride Game

Use the mouse or your finger on touch screen devices to play this free online html5 game.

The pace and excitement of this game keep the Dog alert

Most dogs sleep between 12 and 18 hours per day, but not the puppies in this free and fun online game. This puppy is in a car that is speeding very fast and dodging in and out of traffic. The pace and excitement of the game keep the dog alert. Being brisk, clever, and lively are results of playing, so play for free to keep you and your dog keen. Because of the concentration of movement that this web game requires, you may find yourself physically and mentally alert after playing Puppy Ride game online.

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