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Dino Run Game

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You get to run away from birds and jump away from cactus. Take control of a dino fighting for his life. Run as quickly as possible, and stomp on other cactus in your path. Jump over obstacles, and don't get caught in pits. Avoid total extinction at all costs! Press the up and down keys on the keyboard or the on-screen buttons to jump or slide. Dino Run is the best free running game where you can sprint with your dinosaur friends, and try to make the highest score. Have Fun!

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How to Play Dino Run Game

Use the mouse or your finger on touch screen devices to play this free online game.

Why Dinosaurs Make Bad Pets

Have you ever consider getting a pet dinosaur. Well, before you run over to your local dinosaur shelter to get one of these animals there are some things you need to consider. The Dino Expoerts at About.com knows everything there is about having dinosaurs as pets, and we would like to share a few of their finding. If you want more details, then we recommend to visit their website. First of all pet dinosaurs are expensive to feed, and they also creat a lot of poop. Unless you live smack in the middle of a turnip farm, you may have a hard time disposing of the hundreds of pounds of poop the average Triceratops generates every day. Also they are not like dogs, it is virtually impossible to teach a dinosaur tricks. They also take up a lot of room, and wouldn't fit inside a car when you need to take them to the vet. Even though as much as kids love dinosaurs, dinosaurs aren't very good with children or pets, or people in general for that matter. So as you probably understands, cats and dogs are a lot better options for a pet than dinosaurs.

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