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Dino Rock Game

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Have you ever thought your rock band and done many shows? Dino Rock is a game for your reflexes and your musical abilities. Use the musical instruments to play amazing songs and amazing rhythms!- Go out on one lap and participate in many shows- Gain fame and a legion of fans in each show- Play dozens of challenges with insane and Jurassic rhythms. Here you get to play unique songs with mastery and agility. Conquer new records and test your skills with perfect scores. Have fun!

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How to Play Dino Rock Game

Tap or click the musical buttons. It all starts with a map and some locations of important events. So, when you choose an event, you click on it. You will see your dinosaurs ready to start playing. Then, circles of different colors will be coming from your musicians. Press the right button when they reach the bottom. It seems like you are a keyboarder and a member of the team! If you do everything right, the stage will start shining in gold. Also, you will hear a roar of applause from your audience. Make a mistake, and this vigor stops.

Dino Rock - Game-Play Tips and Tricks

Your band is not famous in the beginning. To gain popularity, you visit these places and perform music. The more fans you get, the bigger festivals open to you. At some point, your fan base will begin getting wider automatically! However, concerts boost this growth. Sometimes, you get a bigger event on your itinerary. It can have a lock on it because you need more followers to get there. Then a timer appears at the top of the screen. So, hurry up and give smaller concerts to speed the process of winning more popularity. Note that you can also read notes from your fans. Some of them are funny.

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