Dino Fossil Game

Dino Fossil Game

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Get ready for an exciting scientific adventure with Dino Fossil, a game designed especially for curious kids! Dive into the world of paleontology and embark on thrilling excavations to uncover ancient dinosaur fossils. Your mission? Identify the creatures you uncover by carefully analyzing the bones and selecting the correct dinosaur from the options provided. Each discovery is a new challenge, filled with excitement and learning. Can you master the art of fossil identification and become a true paleontologist? Jump in and start exploring!

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How to Play Dino Fossil Game

Click on the dinosaur corresponding to your fossil. The screen is divided into the upper and lower parts. The first one shows an excavation site with fossils on the surface. The second suggests three possible variants of who it might be. The player chooses the right image, and this unlocks the next puzzle. The difficulty is that some animals look almost alike.

Fun Facts About Dino Eggs

No, we are no talking about the platform video game from 1983, but we think you should know a thing or two about real dinosaur eggs. According to the everything experts at About.com every dinosaur that ever lived hatched from an egg. As far as paleontologists can tell, mother dinosaurs laid anywhere from a handful to a couple dosin eggs at a single sitting, depending on the genus and species. Most of the eggs would immediately be eaten by predators, and of the remainder most of the newborn hatchlings would be gobbled up as soon as they stumbled away from the egg. The broken shells of dinosaur eggs tend to persist longer in the fossil record than whatever was inside them. Unless a dinosaur egg is found in close proximity to an actual, fossilized dinosaur, it's virtually impossible to determine the exact genus or species that laid it. Scientist can't tell for sure how big an egg could get, but it's reasonable to assume that no dinosaur egg exceeded two feet in diameter. Anyway, these eggs could be quite facinating.

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