Kitty Diver Game

Kitty Diver Game

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Prepare for an aquatic adventure like no other with Kitty Diver! This fearless feline isn't afraid to take the plunge into the depths below. In this exciting HTML5 physics puzzle game, your mission is to guide the intrepid cat to safety. Click on various objects strategically to propel the cat upwards, navigating through treacherous waters filled with dangerous fish, bombs, and other obstacles. Can you outsmart the dangers lurking below and lead the brave kitty to victory? Dive in now and embark on an unforgettable underwater journey!

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How to Play Kitty Diver Game

Use your mouse or tap your finger to interact with objects.

Cats are afraid of Water

According to Animal Planet most cats don't like water, but the the strikingly beautiful Turkish Van cat is an exception. This cat actually delights in getting wet. His ancestors did, too, plunging into lake waters to better cope with the extreme summer heat in the Lake Van region of Turkey, where the breed originated. Scientists contend that cats' dislike of water comes from house cats' owners shielding them from the elements since the earliest periods of domestication and from their ancestors. Unlike dogs, cats rarely need a bath because they do so much self-grooming.

Some Fun Facts About Cats for Kids

You might have heard the statement a black cat crossing in front of you is considered bad luck, but that isn't necessarily true. In Japan they think all black cats are considered good luck. No matter which color they are, kids and adults love the companionship of a cat. According to the websites Science Kids, Animals Time, and Fun Facts there are many fun cat facts for kids. There are around 40 types of known cat breeds in the world. The world's most popular breed is the Persian cat. The Persian has ranked been the most popular breed since 1871. There are quite a few white cats with blue eyes that are unable to hear while those having orange eyes can hear. Cats do not have eyelashes. On average cats live for around 12 to 15 years, and a lot of that time is spent licking their coats to keep them clean. They also spend a lot of time sleeping. Cats conserve energy by sleeping for an average of 13 to14 hours a day.

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