Rabbit Ben Game

Rabbit Ben Game

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A small bunny of unusual color came out of the mink for the first time for a walk. He is interested in everything, the baby is jumping on green platforms, enjoying the fresh forest air. Suddenly he saw something brilliant on one of the islets. Help the hero collect all the money in Rabbit Ben, but let the hare fear the purple hedgehogs - they are the keepers of gold. They can prick with their sharp needles. Hedgehogs will chase a hare, and you will help him not to get caught. The web game contains 6 levels. Have fun!

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How to Play Rabbit Ben Game

Use arrow keys to move or touch the buttons on screen.

Fun Bunny Rabbbit Facts for Kids

According to Science Kids there are a lot of fun facts about rabbits for kids. Did you for instance know that a female rabbit is called a doe, a male rabbit is called a buck, and a baby bunny is actually called a kitten. You might have a heard about all the rabbits in Australia, but more than half of the world's rabbits actually live in the North America. Rabbits have a lifespan of 10 years and they also reproduce very quickly. This can be a major headache for people living in agricultural areas where rabbits are seen as pests.

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