Monkey Island

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Monkey Island Game Online - Play Free Fun Monkeys Flash Games

This is not a flash version of the classic Monkey Island game, but a fun asian monkey game wherey ou jump from islands to islands grabbing bananas. What more do you expect from a monkey? It is a small simple game which even younger players will enjoy. How many stages can you clear? Have Fun!

How to Play the Free Monkey Island Game Online

Use your mouse to play this fun monkey game. Hold in your mouse button to jump longer.

Play Monkey Island Flash Game Online for free Today

Do you like monkeys are funny, and do you also enjoy to play an animal flash game online for free? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would have a lot of fun if you play our free Monkey Island flash game online. Am I correct? ;)

Facts about the classic Monkey Island game

According to WikiPedia Monkey Island is the collective name given to a series of five adventure video games. The first four games in the series were produced and published by LucasArts, formerly known as Lucasfilm Games. The fifth installment of the franchise was developed by Telltale Games in collaboration with LucasArts. The games follow the misadventures of the hapless Guybrush Threepwood as he struggles to become the most notorious pirate in the Caribbean, defeat the plans of the evil undead pirate LeChuck and win the heart of governess Elaine Marley. Each game's plot usually involves the mysterious Monkey Island and its impenetrable secrets. Each of the games takes place on fictional islands in the Caribbean around the Golden Age of Piracy sometime between the 17th and 18th centuries.

Many Fun Monkey Facts for Kids

According to Science Kids and there are many fun monkey facts for kids. Did you know that monkeys are furry animals related to the apes? Most monkeys are smaller than apes and, unlike apes, generally have long tails. Their arms are shorter in proportion to their legs than are those of apes. Some monkeys live on the ground, while others live in trees. They are clever with their hands and feet, and can grasp and hold objects. The main food of monkeys is fruit and other plant food, insects and other small creatures, and birds' eggs.

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