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Get Ready For The Horse Show; this is a statement that will tell you everything you need to know about this free online game. You are supposed to take good care of a horse and make sure that it is ready to go for the show. The first thing you need to do in the Horse Show Prep game is to douse the horse in some water so that you can apply shampoo and work up a good lather. Once the horse is ready, then add the shampoo and then give her a good scrubbing. It is important that the horse is scrubbed with the right brushes. After the brushing, you will then give the horse a good drying with the towel, and this is a great time for both of you and also a special bonding moment. After the drying with the towel, you can blow-dry the coat so that the hair strands can now align and give the horse coat a great shine. When you go to a horse show you will see that they are extremely glossy, to the point that you may think that they have oil on their coats. Horses have great hair on their coats and it is up to the owner to make sure that it is well maintained for it to gleam. When you see a horse getting prepared for a horse show, you will know that it is serious business. The people tasked with preparing the horse work hard to make sure that the ot is in top form. No mediocrity can be tolerated for such shows. Now you can clean you own horse and see how hard it is. In the Horse Show Prep game you have been given a minute in order to complete all the tasks so you should be very fast about it. You should start cleaning the horse and make sure it looks lovely in the end. Have Fun!

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Preparing for a Horse Show

When you think of a horse show, you do not think of the type of preparation that the horses go through. To begin with, a horse show is not always about the looks of the horses, but also the performance. Most of them are held for a day but some last for even three day; the number of events at the show determines the days. There are those that run for longer, especially if they are international events. Horse shows can combine all types of breeds, but there are those that are held for specific breeds. These types of shows are usually divided into classes, where horses of the same breed, care and training compete against each other in different disciplines. Most horse shows are not only about the winning but also the awards that come with winning; these are usually hefty cash prizes. The cash prizes at horse shows, and even derbies, are what make breeding such a sensitive issue. If an owner loses a prize horse, it is usually a big blow to their income. Play this lovely free online game and see if you can get to take care of a horse one day, even if you may only do so as a volunteer.

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